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My cunt tightens around his cock as I see a glazed look come over him. He spasms as his cock releases another load of his thick warm cum. He collapses over me as I shake in uncontrollable orgasm.

Craig rolls over trying to pull out.

“No don’t. Stay in. Just cuddle me.” As I lock my legs around him.

He holds me as I snuggle into him. Kissing his ear lobe and shoulder. Craig drifts off to sleep, as I think to myself. This is the best sex I have ever had. I wonder where he learned to give pleasure like that. I decided that my new boyfriend was going to be very popular after I share his talents with the rest of the girls.

Craig stirs as I feel his cock getting hard in me again. God I love his ability to keep it up for me.

I rock back and forth on his semi hard cock.

“Baby. I have to go soon, but can you give one more taste of your special love juice before I go?”

I loosened my grip and allowed him to pull out, as I took the other glass of milk. Drank it down and kissed his belly button tonguing it. Taking his pubic hair in my teeth tugging gently. I felt his cock twitch against my ear as I continued to his balls. Massaging them with my mouth.

The palm of my hand rubbing his moist head and sliding down his beautiful shaft. His balls smell and taste so awesome. I slurp up his shaft, nibbling the veins on the side as I work up to the head.

I stop. Put my index finger in my mouth. Smiling. I take the head of his cock in my mouth. Circling under it with my tongue, as I slide my finger down the crack of his ass. Toying his but hole. I take him deep humming as his head pushes against my throat.

He arches up forcing it past my gag reflex. With my nose buried in his thick hair saturated with my dry cunt cream. I savour the moment before pulling up with my spit running down his cock, to his ass.

I pump my mouth up and down fast as I jerk with my free hand. Still massaging his but hole with the other.

I hear him moan and know he is close to giving me my reward. I suck hard on his head. His body jerks. As his cock releases, I poke my finger in his ass.

“FUCK.” He yells. With another upward jerk dumping another spurt in my mouth.

I suck til his cock goes soft, wanting every bit of his sweet salty seed

As I get dressed wiggling into my tight shorts. He leans over to get one last suck of my still hard nipple.

“You are my dream girl.” He confidently tells me.

“Baby. I think I love you. Not just your cock but the whole package. I’m going to tell everybody how good you are in bed. Don’t be surprised if you become very popular.” Kissing him deep on the mouth. 
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Walking home feeling bad about saying no to Daddy. I bumped into Mr. Green walking his dog. The dog sniffing my crotch. Must have smelled my sex with Craig.

“Stop that!” Mr. Green yelled pulling his leash hard.

I giggled as Mr. Green starred at my half exposed tits. I love when men lust for me.

“Going home from a date?” He inquired.

Trying not to be obvious with his eyes.

“Kind of. It was a study date that turned into a fun time.”

“What are you doing after high school? He asked.

“Going to study psychology. Going to be a sex therapist.” Smiling at his eyes widening.

“I am a psychologist.” He mumbled. Trying to get a better look at my tits.

“Do you think I could come by your office for an informational interview sometime?” Shifting to give him a better view.

“Well yes sure of course.”

“How about tomorrow after school? Around 4?”
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“I’ll keep it open.” He responded.

I walked away. Pronouncing my wiggle as I felt his eyes locked on my ass and legs. Looking over my shoulder and waving. I thought. I can’t leave this guy like this. Turned around.. Took him by the hand. Led him to a shrub. Knelt down. Undid his pants and took his hard cock out. Licking down the shaft.

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