Landscaping is a year-round job, but there are unique activities associated with each of the seasons.


To help prepare your property for winter, we recommend a fall cleanup during November. This service removes fallen leaves, pine needles and other debris, leaving your property neat and clean heading into the dormant season.


After a long winter, spring is a welcome relief. To ensure your property looks its best, our team performs a spring cleanup. During this process, we remove accumulated leaves, sticks and other remnants from turf, beds and tree rings on your property, and prepare it for regular services to commence.


Fresh mulch not only makes your property look its best—it also supports the health of your landscape by improving the soil’s ability to retain moisture and acting as a barrier to control weeds. Mulch can be spread any time throughout the year but we recommend an early spring top-dress to prepare for the growing season.


Supplemental winter watering is critical to the vitality of your trees when dry conditions along the Colorado Front Range are amplified by the cold weather. Evergreen trees are especially susceptible to cold and dry conditions. A well-planned winter watering program will sustain crucial soil moisture to preserve healthy tree roots and support vibrant spring growth.


We can help brighten your holiday season with holiday lighting and décor. We’ll handle everything for you, including tasteful design, installation, maintenance, removal and storage.


Mother Nature can be unpredictable along the Colorado Front Range, especially when winter storms roll through. Our team of snow managers and reliable crews are on call, ready to respond at any time, in all conditions. We have specialized equipment and materials to clear your property and ensure public safety.


We start by discussing your expectations, then design a customized snow service plan to meet your needs. The process includes identifying snow “trigger depths” and response times, along with the materials and equipment best suited for your property.


We pay attention to the details, so you don’t have to. When the snow begins to fall, or the ice begins to form, our Keesen Snow Team will already be deploying personnel and equipment according to your service plan.