Turf care and maintenance is a comprehensive process designed to give your lawn areas a vibrant and healthy look. It includes mowing at the right height of cut with proper equipment, fertilization, weed control, pest and disease control and, in some cases, aeration and over-seeding.


Those beautiful stripes in your turf don’t just happen. Our team will put together a mowing schedule that considers your property’s turf type, irrigation and natural environmental conditions. Typically, we mow every seven days during the growing season, but frequency will be adapted as weather conditions dictate. Mowing services include:

• Trash and debris removal, before mowing begins

• Neatly edged curbs and walkways

• Consistent trim height along fence lines, trees, light poles and other objects

• An emphasis on safety and respect for people and property


Sometimes Mother Nature needs a hand. Applying fertilizers helps stimulate healthy growth and control unwanted weeds, diseases and pests. Your Account Manager can help you design an ideal program for your budget and expectations. A typical turf program has three applications and considers the needs of each season.

1. April / May Spring Fertilizer & Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Ensures grass turns green and kills weeds.

2. June / July Fertilizer plus Broadleaf Weed Control

Maintains grass color and controls weeds into summer.

3. August / September Fertilizer plus Broadleaf Weed Control

Maintains grass color and weed control into fall.


Rainfall, root growth and traffic can compact the soil over time. Our spring aeration service, performed between mid-March and late May, opens up the soil to air, nutrients and moisture, and encourages healthy growth. For environmentally-stressed or thin turf areas, your Account Manager may recommend fall aeration and overseeding.


Pests and disease can wreak havoc on a landscape. Our inspections allow our team to identify these types of issues while they are small ones. If a problem is discovered, we’ll promptly inform you and suggest proper action to fix it.